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Keto Egg Fast – 5 Day Plan Explained

Keto Egg Fast – 5 Day Plan Explained

Egg Fast?  I see reference to this all over social media.  As a seasoned trend dieter and intermittent faster, at first, I suspected the concept to be yet another “fad” regime for extreme weight loss, however, the use of eggs made me curious enough to dive into writing……

L-Theanine and the Keto Lifestyle

L-theanine and the Ketogenic Lifestyle

When I first started on my ketogenic journey I imagined that my energy would skyrocket.  What I experienced, however, was nowhere near that vision of becoming a “Keto Superwoman”.  The first few weeks left me battling bouts of extreme fatigue and lack of concentration.  Ironically, I also adopted horrible sleeping……

Keto Broccoli n’ Bacon Mini Quiche

Keto Broccoli n’ Bacon Mini Quiche

Who doesn’t love quiche!  This one is a classic and another “go-to” snack that I often prep on the weekend so I have a bunch on hand for that “bite-on-the-run!”  In the pictures, these delicious minis are baked in 2.5″ diameter silicone cupcake rounds — so be sure to finely……

Electrolytes and the Keto Lifestyle

Electrolytes and the Ketogenic Lifestyle

Electrolytes are totally the bomb — and have become a major staple in my keto lifestyle.  If anything, the ketogenic regime opened my eyes to how important hydration is!

Electrolytes are minerals that form electrically-charged particles (ions) that are distributed through the fluid in your body.  Some of the key benefits……