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Keto Egg Fast – 5 Day Plan Explained

Keto Egg Fast – 5 Day Plan Explained

Egg Fast?  I see reference to this all over social media.  As a seasoned trend dieter and intermittent faster, at first, I suspected the concept to be yet another “fad” regime for extreme weight loss, however, the use of eggs made me curious enough to dive into writing……

L-Theanine and the Keto Lifestyle

L-theanine and the Ketogenic Lifestyle

When I first started on my ketogenic journey I imagined that my energy would skyrocket.  What I experienced, however, was nowhere near that vision of becoming a “Keto Superwoman”.  The first few weeks left me battling bouts of extreme fatigue and lack of concentration.  Ironically, I also adopted horrible sleeping……

Electrolytes and the Keto Lifestyle

Electrolytes and the Ketogenic Lifestyle

Electrolytes are totally the bomb — and have become a major staple in my keto lifestyle.  If anything, the ketogenic regime opened my eyes to how important hydration is!

Electrolytes are minerals that form electrically-charged particles (ions) that are distributed through the fluid in your body.  Some of the key benefits……

Testing Your Ketone Levels With Strips

Testing Your Ketone Levels With Urine Strips

In this article, I will share my findings and basic research on using Ketone Urine Strips to monitor my ketosis levels. The brand I swear by is So Nourished Lab Grade Ketone Test Strips.

Before I……